For children

"Olymp II" is a place to relax not only for adults but also for children.

Large, spacious rooms allow you to bring more favourite toys with you. A playroom, a friendly swimming pool, colourful fish in the reception hall and seasonal animations are the attractions that our youngest Guests like to come back to. An additional advantage is the location of the facility, from which you can walk in less than 3 minutes to the beautiful sandy beach. Playing in the soft golden sand or strolling along the sea is not only a relaxation but also a dose of beneficial ingredients that are found in the Kołobrzeg air, and frequent outdoor activities have a beneficial effect on children with allergies, ear or lung diseases and frequent colds.

Long walks by the sea also have a good influence on poor eaters who, after such an "expedition", will be happy to eat a tasty meal in our restaurant. The buffet form makes it possible for children to put their favourite dish on their plate. For smaller children there are special chairs available for comfortable feeding.

All attractions in the facility are available only for children staying in the Olymp facilities.